Does my child have Autism?

A thorough guide on developmental milestones & how ABA can help.

If you suspect your child may have autism but are unsure of what to look for, this guide is for you. Learn about the warning signs and developmental milestones, as well as the steps involved in screening, evaluation, and diagnosing a child with autism before obtaining evidence-based therapy like Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Forta, a tech-based service, is revolutionizing ABA treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We hope that this information will help you in identifying early signs of autism and put your mind at ease.

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  • Format: PDF
  • # of Pages: 112
  • Read time: 75 minutes

What you’ll learn:

  • Which steps to take if you are concerned about your child’s development

  • How to tell if your child is hitting the developmental milestones & advice from doctors

  • Navigating pre-diagnosis and early intervention- Working toward and getting a diagnosis

  • How to pay & work with your insurance company

  • Building a support network

  • Getting access to treatment

  • Finding the right support and treatment for your child and family

  • More about Forta and our services