Invested in our talent

Forta is proud to have a team of world class clinicians and is dedicated to fostering a supportive and educational environment where all team members can thrive.
Forta is clearing the path to quality healthcare by delivering the best possible outcomes with the utmost convenience. We help kiddos progress through focused, one-on-one time and deliver one-of-a-kind programs tailored to their needs through data-driven, productive treatment plans. Our smart technology upholds the utmost quality experience standards for patients, their loved ones, and their care providers.
No matter your role, Forta has a path defined for you with supportive resources and team members to ease your journey. Even our most experienced team members have opportunities to grow and continue to advance their career and expertise in order to effectively continue serving families in the ever-changing industry.
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For clinicians

Our core services:

  • Competitive wages
  • Benefits package (company matching 401k retirement plan, comprehensive health, vision, and dental insurance, life insurance, etc)
  • Training and development programs (internship track for existing RBTs and BCATs to grow into BCBAs, mentorship program to strengthen clinical team bonds and patient outcomes)

Why we are different:

  • Our smart technology prepares client data
  • Therapists are focused on constructive therapy, not bogged down in operations
  • No unproductive sessions
  • Accessible insights from all training data
  • Predictive next best actions for treatment plans
  • Robust operations, technology, and marketing teams

Open roles

Interested in being part of the Forta team?

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More about Forta

  • Large team with backgrounds in ABA, technology, and healthcare
  • World-class vetted therapists
  • Highly-rated by parents
  • Proven success with over 12 years of delivering ABA therapy
  • Supported by leading industry investors that backed companies like Twitter and 23 and Me
  • Experienced clinical leadership team of well-seasoned BCBAs and RBTs
  • Founding executives with successful track records of delivery care at scale