Family powered autism therapy

Forta’s family powered autism therapy empowers you to help your child learn and develop through personalized therapy. Get access to ABA therapy and help your child on the autism spectrum reach their developmental goals.

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Develop ABA skills in our free Parent training

In the first 30 days you will join an online classroom of other parents as we aim to give you the base ABA knowledge you need to support your child for a lifetime.

Pair with a BCBA and receive a Therapy Plan

Work alongside Forta’s clinical team to complete your clinical assessment and receive a personalized therapy plan for your child.

Parent Mediated ABA Therapy

Take an active role in your child's therapy and get started in as soon as 8 weeks 1on1 virtual ABA therapy sessions alongside your dedicated BT and BCBA.

Accepting over 100 policies

Our team of advocates work to help you access your ABA benefits from payors across 45 states.
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Eligibility requirements

ASD Diagnosis
A diagnosis or evaluation can be made by a child psychologist, pediatric neurologist, or developmental pediatrician and clearly shows a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (often marked as F84.0). In specific counties IEPs will be accepted.
Qualifying insurance
We accept most private insurance and Medicaid insurance plans. Apply for more information.
20 hours per week
We’re looking for committed parents who have the ability to work at least 20 hours per week with their child in focused, guided learning.

Why Parent Mediated ABA?

With hundreds of clients receiving services through Forta’s parent mediated ABA, we have observed in peer-reviewed studies a 2x increase in utilization, an improvement of 127% on overall goal success rate in the first 20 weeks and 87% of clients showed improvement overall goal success rate. (1)

(1) A. Garikipati, Q. Mao; June 2023, Parent-led Applied Behavioral Analysis to Impact Clinical Outcomes for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum: A Retrospective Chart Review Study. Under Review.

Get the care your child needs

Learn how ABA care is provided through our parent training program and become a supporter in the care your child needs.
little boy smiling with a thumbs up

Improve behavior

Reduce the frequency and intensity of meltdowns.
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Develop new social skills

Take steps to develop social, learning, and communication skills with your child.
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Build independence

Developing the confidence that your child can increase independence is our shared north star.

The Forta Path

Forta’s team of experienced clinicians guide you through our program to educate you on the fundamentals of ABA and the skills needed to provide therapy to your child.

Intake process

After applying and pre-qualifying for the program, we will review your eligibility for ABA benefits prior to the training program.


Parent Training Program

Complete our parent training program and gain the skills you need for Parent mediated ABA therapy. Our 100% online and free training gives you access to 20-hours of learning and live study sessions with the support of our expert training team.


Personalized Treatment Plan

Clinical assessment is conducted by Forta BCBA to review your child’s learning opportunities with an ABA therapy plan. Review your eligibility of benefits with our team prior to beginning therapy.


Parent Mediated ABA Therapy

We work with you, your insurance provider and Forta BCBAs to conduct consistent, quality Parent mediated ABA therapy.

Mum and girl smiling and hugging
If we continue to grow how we have in just a month with Forta, I know he will be able to work independently on his own.
-Parent Trainee after 1-month of
parent medated therapy
I'm so happy to be able to give back to my son!
-Parent Trainee after
first session
The parent training has already changed the way I think to make me a better teacher for my child. She has grown leaps and bounds this year academically.
-Parent Trainee after
completing our course