Parent mediated ABA therapy

Forta’s family powered autism therapy empowers you to help your child learn and develop through personalized therapy. Get access to ABA therapy and help your child on the autism spectrum reach their developmental goals.

Reduced meltdowns

Develop new social skills

Build more independence

Take control of your care

Free ABA Training Program

Join a cohort of parents and complete your training together with our clinical team. After applying we will find a cohort that fits your schedule and enables you to quickly complete the course.

Gain guidance from our BCBAs to set your goals

Work alongside Forta’s clinical team to complete clinical assessments and receive a personalized therapy plan for your child.

No more scheduling

Provide care on your own time, in your home with the remote support of our team for insurance, billing and therapy planning.
We have you covered:

Before you apply

Review your eligibility for our program
  • Child has health insurance coverage

  • Have a valid ASD diagnosis from a physician or licensed professional

  • Committed to work with their child for a minimum of 20 hours-per-week

  • Parent passes a background check

  • Parent has a school diploma and is over the age of 18

  • Must reside outside of PA, LA, NV and SD