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Forta’s parent training program empowers you to help your child to learn and grow through personalized therapy. Provide ABA therapy and help your child diagnosed with autism progress to their next milestone.

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Online Training Program

Access to expert led live sessions and a 40-hour online certification program, can be taken on a flexible schedule, AND is FREE to applicants who qualify!

Behavioral Therapy Foundation

Gain a working knowledge of how ABA therapy programs are implemented with the training program. Accelerate your child’s learning with the proven ABA skills. Start the program today!

Insurance Support

We simplify the insurance process by finding the options that fit your family's needs. Most health insurance plans are accepted. 

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Take control of your child's ABA therapy by taking a behavior technician course.

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Eligibility requirements

✔ Diagnosis
Your child has an autism diagnosis from a qualified medical professional. No diagnosis? Click here to access our diagnosis support guide.

✔ Insurance 
We accept most private insurance types with more every day. Medicaid not yet accepted.

10 hours-per-week
We’re looking for committed parents who have the ability to work at least 10 hours per week with their child.

A higher standard of care

Patient intake and placement

For caregivers

At a time when waitlists are never-ending for ABA Therapy, Forta technology ensures that intake and placement are up to 20x faster than traditional industry methods to serve families quicker.

For clinicians

Efficient patient onboarding to better support clinician onboarding and patient outcomes. Our clinicians are set up for success with patients and families so they can focus on providing care with confidence.

Personalized ABA

For caregivers

Every child with autism is different. That's why Forta's therapy planning software reduces the traditional one-year-long process by building an effective, personalized treatment plan in days.

For clinicians

The Forta planning software empowers BCBAs when developing therapy plans for new patients by accelerating the time to determine whether a child should be on a focused or comprehensive therapy plan.

Caregiver training

For caregivers

Forta's expert-developed training programs equip caregivers and families with the extensive learning tools they need to support their child throughout their care journey.

For clinicians

The Forta method improves the experience from caregiver to clinician engagement which supports efficient clinical work and eliminates questioning without sound reasoning.

Progress through

On average, our patients see clinical improvements from Forta's unique care model within their first month.

How It Works

Start making progress today

On average, our parents see behavioral improvements in their children within the first month after starting care.

✔  Reduce meltdowns
✔  Develop social skills
✔  Build independence 
✔ Support skill retention

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Forta's tech empowered care personalizes your child's ABA therapy plan so they can thrive.

What is
ABA therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a set of principles that focus on how behaviors change, are affected by the environment, and how learning takes place.

90% of patients report substantial gains*

50% of patients reach mainstream
(living independently)*

*Lovaas 1. 0. (1987). *Behavioral Treatment and Normal Educational and Intellectual Functioning in Young Autistic Children*. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 3-9.

Trusted by communities and families like you

The parent training has already changed the way I think to make me a better teacher for my child. He has grown leaps and bounds this year academically and I just need help with her social skills training.

— Mother to a son with autism
* training course participant

If you are needing assistance or need help understanding your child, or need to get the resources, Forta is the way. I thank God for them daily.

— Mother to a son with autism
* training course participant

The parent training has already changed the way I think to make me a better teacher for my child. She has grown leaps and bounds this year academically and I just need help with her social skills training.

— Mother to a daughter with autism
* training course participant

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