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5 benefits of a parent getting a Behavioral Technician Certificate to help their child on the autism spectrum

5 benefits of a parent getting a Behavioral Technician Certificate to help their child on the autism spectrum

The stories of parents with children on the autism spectrum going to great lengths to provide the best possible care for their kiddo are inspiring. Whether it’s seeking out new therapy providers, enrolling (and driving to) multiple therapists, changing careers or even moving states to better fit their family’s needs, we have seen caregivers like you go above and beyond. Some parents experience a big knowledge gap around what is happening with their child’s ABA and how the therapy programs work.

Learning the basics of ABA helps unlock better communication and understanding of how people on the autism spectrum learn. One of the best ways to become proficient in ABA principles is to gain your Behavior Technician (BT) certification. To do this, you simply need to have a high school diploma or GED and complete a BT certification program. 

In an effort to make baseline knowledge accessible, Forta offers a free 50-hour behavior technician course to all qualifying families (Yes, you can bring a spouse or relative into training with you!). Unlike other BT certification programs, your learning in Forta’s Parent Training Program will be assisted by an experienced team of clinicians who collectively have decades of experience teaching and implementing ABA programs. 

Unsure if you should get your BT certification? Here are five great reasons why you should consider learning more about ABA to better understand how your child learns and communicates. 

1. You will gain valuable knowledge that helps you communicate with your child

Within the first 10 hours of coursework, parents have reported being able to better understand, communicate with their child and meet their needs. An example is learning that a subtle behavior from your child is actually a request for water. ABA outlines how to use picture boards, signs, verbal, or other methods to communicate effectively with your child.  

2. You will better understand the principles of ABA

Whether you are new to therapy or previously had ABA services, parents who complete training programs understand the principles of ABA better and can provide skilled support when ABA services are delivered. Knowing more about your child’s ABA plan will empower you to communicate productively with others in your child’s life, teachers, family and community members, to support and elevate your child’s learning journey.

3. You will be able to better support your child’s development

As a result of understanding the principles of ABA, you will be able to better support your child’s development towards key therapy goals before, during and after therapy sessions. Parent training was shown in clinical studies to improve progress toward therapy goals (Link 1). Since effectiveness of ABA often correlates with the quality of reinforcement, children who have consistently similar reinforcements in all of their environments, from therapy, home, school, and community, may experience better clinical outcomes.

4. The coursework is completed online and on your own time

If you are looking for learning on your own time and pace, the course, classroom, and 1-on-1 support calls are all online and flexible to fit your schedule.  

5. The BT certification program is free 

If you are interested in pursuing Parent-led ABA with Forta, you may qualify for FREE 50-hour training with hands-on support from our expert clinical team.

We hope you take the next step in your learning journey. Let us know if you have any questions. 

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