Provide ABA therapy to your child

Forta’s Family Powered Autism Therapy helps families gain access to ABA services by giving parents free training to become a Behavior Technician (BT). Work with a therapist to build and deliver a personalized therapy program to your child and help them reach their development goals.
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Free ABA Training Program

Join a cohort of parents and complete your training together with our clinical team. After applying we will find a cohort that fits your schedule and enables you to quickly complete the course.

Become a Behavioral Technician

Work alongside Forta’s clinical training team to become a Behavior Technician (BT) and begin providing paid care to your child. As a Forta BT you will earn for the structured time spent with your child.

No more scheduling

Provide care on your own time, in your home with the remote support of our team for insurance, billing and therapy planning.

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Take control of your care

Take control of your child's ABA therapy through our training program and become the care your child needs.
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Eligibility requirements

  • Diagnosis or Evaluation your child has an autism diagnosis or completed an evaluation from a qualified medical professional.
  • Insurance We are currently supporting families with Medicaid and other select providers. Apply today to review your eligibility.
  • Pass a background check
  • High school diploma

Start making progress today

Studies show positive benefits to parent-led ABA (1). On average, our parents see behavioral improvements in their children within the first month after starting care. Together we will work to:
  • Reduce meltdowns
  • Develop social skills
  • Build independence
  • Support skill retention
(1) Effectiveness of Parent-Led Applied Behavior Analysis at Improving Outcomes for Parents of Autistic Children
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How it works

  • Apply and review eligibility.

  • Complete the 40-hour training course and assessment.
  • Pass the RBT exam.

  • Begin providing care and getting paid!
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The future awaits

Working alongside our world-class BCBA team to develop personalized, tech-powered programs.

Benefits of parent-led therapy

Parent-led therapy will help you and your family develop together with the principles and tools of ABA taught in our training program.
Therapy at your home and on your time will reduce stress on you and your schedule
The principles of ABA will guide your day-to-day therapy program

Trusted by communities and families like you

If we continue to work and we continue to grow how he has grown in just a month, I know he will be able to work independently on his own.
— Mother to a son with Autism
The parent training has already changed the way I think to make me a better teacher for my child. She has grown leaps and bounds this year academically and I just need help with her social skills training.
— Mother to a daughter with Autism
If you are needing assistance or need help understanding your child, or need to get the resources, Forta is the way. I thank God for them daily.
— Mother to a son with Autism

Online ABA Parent Training

100% online training
Remote therapy support with your BCBA
Take control of your ABA schedule
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